Our merchandising team is well combination of highly qualified, professional, experienced, skilled and renowned merchandisers. We are entirely prepared to demonstrate our best quality counter sample requested by buyer with free of cost. We offer competitive and market leading pricing for any product to satisfy buyer’s demand. We would like to ensure and let the buyer feel most comfort dealing with us.


Rishal Group of industries is leaded by professional and experienced personnel. Our production managers are able to manufacture any product offers by buyers with shortest process and without any slack time. So operations cost appears low and productivity becomes multiplier.


Rishal Group of industries is committed to ensure the timely and highest quality of production. We ensures incentive monitoring & control systems right from the raw materials arrival to shipment to maintain utmost and buyer set up quality. We also follow Total Quality Management philosophy that stresses three principles: Customer satisfaction, Employee involvement and Continuous improvement in quality.


Rishal Group of Industries is 100% export oriented industry. A lot of transaction happens with backward and forward linkage. So most of the transactions are taken place by export and import business. Our dynamic and reliable commercial team is ready to serve customized service to our buyer as well as internal customers.


The vision of Industrial Engineering is to improve the productivity of factory and make pleasant working environment through Systamatic and scientific management techniques.


We ensure safe & security of working place and follow zero tollerance for the following -

  • Child labor.

  • Forced labor.

  • Harassment and Abuse in any form.

  • Unauthorised subcontracting.

  • Failure to provide access to auditors.

  • Shared building unless approved by Head of Complience or factory located in building which has shops/markets.

  • Any unethical practise.