Time, Quality, Price, Flexibility, Action Plan and WIP


Rishal Group believes in

  • Consider the industry as a very sensitive and chellenging

  • Most caring about sensitivity of time

  • Strictly maintain engineering in quality control

  • Competitive development sourcing and arranging

  • Renowned, professional, experienced Merchandising team’s follow up on backward and forward linkage


Rishal group concept and operations for quality

  • High performance design

  • Consistent quality

  • Continuously ensure highest standard quality

  • Key weapon for developing sustainable market

  • Five stage quality checking before offering final inspection


Competitive price

Rishal group offers competitive prices by using most modern machines and technology by using skilled man power –

  • Continuous development of production team

  • Higher productivity

  • Own production facility

  • Strong forward and backward linkage

  • Market demand and scenario understanding and realizing power

  • Care for buyer and ultimate consumer

  • Low cost operations



Rishal Group operations enable to react to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently-

  • Customization

  • Volume flexibility


Time & Action Plan

Our professional, proactive, skilled, experienced and renowned merchandising team handles time and action calendar under direct guideline of board of directors to set up an integrated value chain among all the participants of backward and forward linkage to ensure smooth order dealing from

starting to end and in time delivery. This illustrates the most effective ways to forecast and filter and immediate control and resolve of upcoming critical problems of each and every order/s and style/s without any haphazard.

WIP Report

This is one of the most effective tools which enables total scenario of each and every order/s to both buyer and vendor so that they may take any protective measure if necessary. In a nutshell, we would like to ensure our buyer and ultimate consumer highest satisfaction.